Effect of the Pandemic on the Spain’s Economy in General and...

We cannot negate that the pandemic has severely affected all countries and economies worldwide and that this pandemic will have long lasting effects everywhere....

ICT and Coding Skills – for the Future Employment

SEPAL Project‘s partner from Vilnius, Lithuania - "Vilnius Coding School", is delivering work-based training for coding and WEB design. Audrius – participant in SEPAL  –...

Ionut, entrepreneur in the accounting field

Ionut is a 24-year-old man with above average intelligence, diagnosed with progressive muscular dystrophy and severe locomotor deficit. The young man comes from a...

Guide of Good Practice in employment of the young adults with...

Employers from Romania, Lithuania and Portugal now benefit from a Guide of Good Practice for the employment of young adults with disabilities (both electronic,...

Experience exchanges between employers and young adults with disabilities

Health Action Overseas Foundation (HAO) has continued the series of exchange meetings between young adults with disabilities looking for a job and potential employers...

Young talents of Summer Creative Academy produced first work of arts

We are happy to announce that there was a great interest to the specialized training courses within the Summer Creative Academy organized under CODE...

YES! Knowledge sharing webinar series

The particular characteristics of NEETs and the pandemic required adjustments to a new reality which has had a huge impact on the who we...

Director’s Editorial – July Issue

Dear Friends! Following those summer vibes, I am happy to announce some important novelties. After two years together, as a way to celebrate our Youth Employment...

Thirteenth number 2021
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Youth Week – Special Edition
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