NEETs And the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic upon Regional Labour...

Read here the presentation at the 4th Euro-Mediterranean Conference of the Smart Blue City.

YOUTHShare Project Training Material

Projects like the YOUTHShare, usually count their impact with numbers; numbers of beneficiaries, number of NEETs received training, number of unemployed people being matched...

Digital skills of the NEETs within the SEPAL project

XXIst century, called the century of speed, changed many lives with the technology development. This evolulution makes possible to get close and connect with...

First estimates of the effects of COVID-19 on young workers in...

Young Italian workers - and women in particular- risk to be hit hard by measures adopted to combat COVID-19 epidemic. Read the report here.

Youth (Un)Employment In Europe: Our Culture and Biases Could Be One...

Unemployment of young people (15-24) in Europe is on average on it's decline. However, the decline is much slower than expected, especially when compared...

Why Do We Need To Invest In Young Entrepreneurs?

Our long-term economic health and ability to address social and environmental problems is based on our ability to innovate. Young adults possess a variety of...

Young Europeans Hit Hard During COVID-19

For governments and policy makers, COVID-19 is a chance to address the existing problems for younger European workers as youth unemployment looks set to...

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