Digital Skills Improvement Courses

In collaboration with the CFA Morera Pomar in Badalona, Pere Closa SEPAL team decided to organize a training about establishing a course with the...

Training of basic skills as the key to success in the...

The development and improvement of soft (social) competences is a requirement and necessity of a modern labour market. Employers expect that a person entering...

Director’s editorial – November issue

Dear All, I’m glad to see how we reached the last issue for this year. A lot of effort has been put in, together and...

Perspectives on Youth Employment in Europe (n. 7)

Perspectives on youth employment in Europe - Note another term: “Labour market slack” Forget about unemployed (those available to work and seeking a job, but not...

Click on the digital secrets of the Romanian Digital Camp!

Following the first ten online sessions of the RAISE Youth Romanian Digital Camp (July - November 2020), the young participating Romanian NEETs showed interest in...

YOUTHShare and Blue Generation Joining Forces!

Is there anything better than a training program organised by a project? Yes. A training program organised by two projects! The YOUTHShare project, after the conclusion...

Challenges and achievements

What was the greatest challenge posed by the pandemic so far and how was the problem resolved? What was our greatest achievement in the context...

New RAISE Youth Project Partner –

Factory is a digitalization-technology company specialized in the design & development of web & mobile applications. Founded in 2012, they are proud owners of many...

Ninth number 2020
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