Project CODE online meeting

Yesterday, September, 24th project CODE partners held an Online meeting using Skype. It was dedicated to discussions about current period report and the implementation of...

Indicators For Measuring Decent Jobs For Youth

We are back with our readings about indicators for effective monitoring and evaluation of youth employment actions. A fantastic guide to creation of these indicators...

Before We Start An Evaluation: First Steps In The Design Of...

We got inspired by the Impact Evaluation In Practice published by the World Bank in 2016 and we looked specifically at the initial stage of planning...

Young Women’s Unemployment In EU

There are gender gaps in the youth employment rates across Europe. The gender gaps are especially significant for youth NEETs rates in age cohort...

Underemployment Of Young People: Greater Global Challenge In Times Of Covid-19

Today, young people are facing a global challenge in the area of ​​underemployment. People over the age of 60 are experiencing the serious health...

Entrepreneurship to reinvent yourself

The situation caused by the coronavirus in Spain has especially affected NEETs, as the sectors in which these young people normally find their first...

The digital yihr.hub was launched in Croatia

Youth Initiative for Human Rights has launched a Digital YIHR.hub. The Digital hub offers free organization of Zoom-led workshops and use of the YIHR.hub space for recording /...

Mentor trainings “nurturing the world” as an employment opportunity for young...

In the end of August 2020, we organized 2 mentor trainings in Koper and Maribor (Slovenia) for mentors who will provide on-the-job training in...

Seventh number 2020
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