The workshops for recruiting students for CODE project In Greece –...

APOPSI S.A., the Greek organization, which was awarded the contract for implementation of three workshops and two trainings for young people in Greece on...

Success Stories of EDIBO trainees

The Institute for Youth Initiatives and Innovations (IYII) starts the series “Success Stories of #EDIBOBulgaria NEETs" in order to share the experience, confidence and motivation gained after...

eNEET Rural Project – updates

Have you missed eNEET Rural Project December Newsletter? No worries, download it here.  

Report on outreach performances and YGS implementation – Spain

In this study, we first provide the statistical profile of the NEETs in Spain. We then analyse how they stand in terms of outreach....

Skills mistmach in the Greek market

Youth unemployment has been at the forefront of political and academic debate since the unfolding of the Great Recession in 2008, exploited to a...

Evaluation of internship contract in Spain

The internship contract (IC) was originally designed to promote an appropriate employment transition for young people with higher education from their formative years to...

Our Fund for Youth Employment is attracting more and more interest...

In September last year, we launched our second call for proposals under the Fund for Youth Employment. As a result, we received over 130...

Can a short-term job trial programme kick-start young jobseekers’ career?

In this paper, we perform a counterfactual evaluation of a publicly funded short-term hiring subsidy designed for young jobseekers in Hungary: namely, the 90-day...

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