The Blue Generation Project is ending soon but its legacy will continue

The Blue Generation Project is ending soon but its legacy will continue under the Blue Generation Federation. The Federation will carry on and enhance the impact of the Blue Generation Project, utilizing the tools that have been developed and connecting Youth with employers, training institutions and various organizations in the European Blue Economy.

The Blue Career Job platform, that allows young people to find job opportunities in the Blue economy all over EU and the Blue Career Guide presenting thepossible Blue Career paths are available for the Blue Generation to explore and plan their career are a few of the .

The Blue Career Courses we have created, such as “Intro into Shipping”, “Nautical English”, “Boat Cleaning” and “Boat and Ship Assistant Carpenter” provide the young people with practical skills and knowledge that enable them to enter the Blue Economy job market, even if they have limited prior experience in the field. The courses are tailored to the specific needs of the maritime industry and equip the attendees with skills that are immediately applicable in the industry.Overall, the training courses offer a practical and accessible way for young people to pursue fulfilling careers in the Blue Economy, contributing to both their personal growth and the growth of the industry.

The 6  360o Virtual Reality (VR) videos we produced in all partner languages, show the actual environment and the daily activities of the Blue Economy professionals in each sector, acquainting the viewer with the duties that are performed by each role and also the tools that are being used, thus giving the feeling of the actual job. Most of the young people may not be aware of the diverse job opportunities within the Blue Economy. The VR videos showcase a wide range of professions: from an underwater robotics technician, a skipper and a marine conservationist to an aquaculture technician, a captain of a fishing touristic boat, and even an engineer who produces shelves from algae. They give exposure to career options that young men and women might not consider otherwise. They also create a sense of purpose and passion for protecting and utilizing marine resources sustainably. While traditional internships or job shadowing experiences may have logistical and financial barriers, VR videos eliminate many of these obstacles, inspire and motivate young people to explore career options in the Blue Economy, opening up a global job market and encouraging mobility.

10  blueTALKs, real-time on-line round-table discussions, were held by all project partners in 2023,  with professionals from the blue economy, from the government, the academia and the industry, to discuss the advantages, challenges and prospects of each sector in each country, the demand for specific jobs and the opportunities that exist for young people who are looking for new challenges. Attendants asked questions and the panelists responded sharing their experience and knowledge, providing information about the qualifications that someone needs to enter the sector and give advice to young people who are preparing their future in the blue economy.

In addition, a series of 100+ interesting interviews with professionals who work in the blue economy have been conducted. They are called “blueFocus” because each of these interviews is focused on a particular blue profession, i.e. a diver, a drone technician, an aquaculture technician, a captain of a fishing boat operating in fishing tourism, a skipper, a mechanical engineer who produces material from algae, etc. The various professionals share their experiences, their personal journey in the sector, and gave their advice to the future Blue Generations.

The Blue Generation Project is not just about the blue economy sectors, it is about painting a canvas of possibilities for everyone, regardless of their training background. Bybringing together young people and the industry thatseeks for potential and talent, we can build a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow. Together, with a team dedicated to fostering a more accessible and equitable future, we strive to make a lasting impact on educationand employment.


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