FOLM works! An interview with Andrii, participant of FOLM

FOLM has started. The first 25 participants have already travelled to the Picos de Europa to overcome their limits and build a better future. Now our trainers are waiting for them, who will help them prepare to enter the labour market or return to education. We decided to present specific stories, such as Andrii’s story. Andrii is a participant in the second group, who, shortly after finishing his participation in the expedition, decided, as a volunteer, to help the team that creates FOLM. Andrii comes from Ukraine but lives in Cantabria. He is a true fan of the audiovisual world. As soon as he learned that our operators, Robert and Mateusz, are traveling to Cantabria to film the material we want to use on YouTube, he offered us his help.

We asked him a few questions to get to know him better and his FOLM’s  impressions.

What were the advantages of participation in the FOLM project ?

When I left for the first time as a participant, I met very nice people with whom I keep in touch so far. I have always dreamt about camping and thanks to the FOLM project I could fulfill this dream. I have also fallen in love with the area of Liébana (Cantabria). I had never been there before.

What changes have occurred in you?

The truth is that I have already known some coaching strategies that were used by our trainers. The most important thing that I learned was to understand that to have knowledge and not to do anything with it is not enough. I believe that this change was due to the dynamics of interaction with other people in the group. So I am very happy with the work of our trainers Fernando, Yolanda and Sofia. 

Would you recommend FOLM to others?

I have recommended to everyone in my surroundings, because the truth is that I felt that a lot has changed for the better for me.

Why have you decided to help FOLM?

I wanted to thank you for what you did for me. I was very surprised that not all places in the groups were occupied and I decided to help you with the promotion of the project.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to continue my development in the audiovisual sector. I would like to get a job that will allow me to use my experience and audiovisual knowledge, but also interact in different areas of the company for more professional development. I would also like to continue participation in the FOLM project. We have also talked with Robert (the film producer) about his experience working with Andrii. Here is what he told us:

What do you think about your work with Andrii?

It was nice to see someone who was making the very first steps in the field of filming with such passion and the will to develop himself. You can see the potential, enthusiasm and awareness Andrii has gained about what he wants to do. He tried to get as much experience as possible with us. He asked about how to work in this field, how to produce, how to communicate with clients, how to attract the attention of viewers. I think his future is in the audiovisual world. 

In your opinion, what is the added value he got from the FOLM project?

I think that Andrii’s example is a great proof that the program works, motivates and above all gives the support. It is surprising that in such a short time one of the participants decided to become our volunteer and thanks to this he developed his skills and gained new experiences. I think that he will have a great future.


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