Info Day – NEETs’ Empowerment for Sustainable Employment in the Tourism Sector (NESET)

The Info Day for project NESET: “NEETS’ EMPOWERMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE EMPLOYMENT IN THE TOURISM SECTOR” was held on 25.09.2019 under the assistance and supervision of Enoros Consulting Ltd. The Info Day lasted two hours at CENTER POINT TOWER in Nicosia, addressing the objectives and goals of the NESET Project as well as describing all the activities developed until today.

Generally, among the participants were representatives from Tourism and Educational sectors such Universities, Institutions, NGOs, as well as social welfare and individual volunteers working in the field of youth. The attendees had the opportunity to get informed about the project’s purpose and relevant activities.

Overall, the participants were satisfied by the gained information and knowledge and they showed interest in promoting further the NESET project!


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