YENESIS guide on sustainability competences for green jobs to be disseminated in secondary schools

The aim of this guide on sustainability competences for green jobs is to help secondary school students who will be deciding on their education and career path. It is to provide fundamental information to secondary school students who are in the process of deciding or have already decided that they will follow a green career path. This guide explains what exactly a green job is and how this type of employment can prevent them from becoming young people neither in employment nor in education and training (NEETs) and can secure their future as active members of their society. Furthermore, the horizontal skills that are necessary for a green worker are presented.

This guide also aims to present to students potential job positions that they can pursue in the fields of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Tourism and Sustainable Mobility. The importance of each field and its contribution to the development of the green market is also explained.

Finally, some links for green job hunting are provided to the students, as well as some personal stories of people who have successfully established themselves as green workers for drawing inspiration

The guide will be disseminated to secondary schools for students to use when deciding their career path.

You can read the guide here



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