Find out what the sea has to offer – 1st National Seminar in Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal and Poland in the frame of the BlueGeneration project

1st National Seminar in Poland. Credits: Blue Generation Project

1st National Seminar in Poland | 19 November 2019

Another conference was held on 19th of November 2019 at the Center for Non-Governmental Organizations on behalf of the beneficiary partner FRSP in Katowice. It was attended by 20 people from 10 different institutions that cooperate with young people and unemployed people. During the conference, the basic issues related to the project (its objectives, activities, plans for the future) were discussed and then the results of the previous promotional meetings held in Silesia were presented. Then there was a discussion and questions from the participants. The panel concerning the Blue Generation project was a part of the conference “Open Door to Success – International Projects – an Opportunity for Youth”.

1st National Seminar in Spain | 19 November 2019

1st National Seminar in Spain. Credits: Blue Generation Project

On the 19thof November, our beneficiary partner SeaTeach organized the first National Seminar for the BlueGeneration Project in Centre in Spain. We gathered representants from local employment agencies and social organizations that work with NEETs one hand. On the other hand, we gathered companies representing the nautical sector in Mallorca. It was a successful event where representatives from the employment agency for the Balearic Island presented the status of the Job Market for youth on the islands and opportunities in the Blue Economy. There was a round table to talk about training and work opportunities and some examples of successful young people working in the maritime sector. The overall feedback was positive, the participants were really interested, and it helped to create a network of social institutions and organization that work with NEETs and the maritime sector.

1st National Seminar in Portugal | 26 November 2019

On the 26th November, Clube Intercultural Europeu organized the 1st BGP national seminar in Lisbon with 102 participants. The seminar made part of an event organized by Rede EFE, an employability network of which Clube is part. The event was called “Out of the box – employability tools” and had the objective of providing moments of sharing and dissemination of instruments, methodologies, tools, among technicians who work in the field of training and employment. This meeting aimed to create an opportunity to dedicate ourselves to sharing the “way” we work with the target audiences, enhancing the resources used by all those involved in the area of ​​employability.

1st National Seminar in Portugal. Credits: Blue Generation Project

Doing the seminar in the context of a larger employability event allowed us to get to more people, specially education technicians and organizations that work in the field. Showing this project as a tool for employability has an important impact because people get interested in knowing more and see the Blue Generation project as a resource with whom they can work and find responses for the young people with whom they work, mentioned the representatives of the Clube Intercultural Europeu at the end of the seminar.

1st National Seminar in Bulgaria | 12 December 2019

On December 12, Active Bulgarian Society organized the First National Seminar in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. During the seminar, BlueGeneration coordinators presented the idea of the project, its goals and target groups, what has been done so far, and how local organizations can get involved.

1st National Seminar in Bulgaria. Credits: Blue Generation Project

There was an interest among local authorities, high-school principals, youth and social workers, teachers, etc. to attend the meeting and be involved in the next steps of the project. We are happy to see the active participation of all of them and look forward to organizing the next year’s National Seminar. Last but not least, we were invited in the biggest regional Radio – BNR to present the National Seminar organized by ABS in Blagoevgrad, and the scope of the Blue Generation Project funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants fund for Youth Employment.


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