What’s next for Women4IT? Outcomes of the 4th transnational partner meeting in Dublin

On 17-18 October, Women4IT partners gathered in Dublin for their fourth transnational partner meeting. It was a brilliant occasion to look back at the first year of the project, carefully evaluate the work up to date, celebrate all accomplishments achieved in Year 1. 

But the meeting was also about looking into the future and planning activities, and deciding which actions should take priority for Women4IT, especially in the upcoming months.

So what’s next on the agenda?

Online profiling platform development in 6 languages

The platform will be a central contact point for young women involved in the project, as well as the training organisations and employers. It will present all digital job profiles offered for training and employment within the Women4IT project. The platform will also inform beneficiaries about training and employment possibilities in each of the partners’ countries.

Self Assessment Profiling Tool

The Assessment Tool will be an individual and personalised self-reflection tool used to evaluate technical and personal competences of a test-taker and match them to specific digital job profiles already determined by Women4IT at an earlier stage of the project. Young women interested in the programme will be encouraged to take this test as the first step of their training path.

Training Roadmap 

The Training Roadmap will serve as a sort of a curriculum for each digital job profile training. It will be an outline of all sessions, activities, exercises and evaluation points that should occur throughout the training. This tailored tool will also monitor and document the progress of each trainee participating in the project.

Employment Toolkit

We will create a toolkit for both of our target audiences. The document will dedicate one part to NEET young women, and one to employers who wish to employ one of the participants of our target group.

  • The Toolkit for Young Women will provide an overview of how to assess job profiles and corresponding competences. It will also showcase recruitment platforms, companies candidates can reach out to, and other information, such as national statistics and job market forecasts. Finally, it will give an overall input on the job application process.
  • The Toolkit for Companies will outline the legislative framework for employment, provide an overview of particular skills needed for different job profiles, and showcase different sources of new talent. Additionally, it aims to indicate potential partnership opportunities that would allow to better cover labour market needs.

Close collaboration with our Fund Operator, EEA and Norway Grants

On 25-26 November, LIKTA and DIGITALEUROPE will participate in EEA and Norway Grants’ Youth Annual Seminar in Brussels to discuss learning and skills development within the field of youth employment. It will undoubtedly serve as a great opportunity to network with partners of the other 26 projects under the umbrella of EEA and Norway Grants’ Youth Employment programme.

You can learn more about the event here.


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