Director’s editorial – January issue


Dear Readers, welcome back!

A new year has started, and with it, new opportunities are opening their doors to our family. I would however like to start the first issue of this new year with a question for all of us: what is a challenge?

Why? Because every new situation, every new opportunity hides a challenge, requiring great effort and determination. This is how I see our first months together: new tools, new members and protagonists (all of you), the need to coordinate and work together towards a single goal, that of finding new and innovative ways to contribute to improving NEET employment.

On our part, and as you know, the latest challenge has been the Baseline Study. Right from its initial conception, the Study has reflected the need to integrate the perspectives of different projects, different countries and different approaches towards Youth Employment Policies. There is no need to convince you how difficult it could have been, your contributions are the living proof of how important it is to study, concentrate and produce. Imagine this process multiplied by all the contributions received, and maybe you will find the answers to my first question.

At the same time, I’m sure you can imagine that we want to pay tribute to every single – but necessary – input that came from your side. We want to give back to you a product that pays off your efforts, we want to produce a special gift for you. Something that can be shared further, to exchange lessons learned and ensure a common benchmark for our actions. As such, this has to be as comprehensive as possible. This is the challenging idea behind the realisation of the Baseline Study, and this is why we are asking you to be a little patient: the Study still needs a few days of “brain squeezing”.

We are proud of this result, which is all thanks to you, and so we want to give you the opportunity to be part of this creative process. As planned, we will circulate the final draft of the Baseline Study among all contributors before it is officially published online.

I cannot repeat enough that, as member of this great and unique family, I hope that you can understand our need and will to present the Baseline Study as a Special publication, therefore separate to the “normal” issues of our Online Magazine.

Allow me to say that this is an opportunity for you to have a first-hand knowledge, in the form of a “premiere”!

Once again, thanks for your dedication and efforts, and … see you soon with our special, challenging but stimulating Baseline Study.

PS: please check out our Editorial Team message, and stay tuned!

Gian Luca Bombarda


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