Editorial Team – message for our Readers

To our Readers

Dear Readers,

the whole Editorial Team is here today to congratulate with any single member which allowed us to produce the 4thissue of our Online Magazine: your efforts are not to be taken for granted.

This is even more appreciated considering the special time of the year; we are proud to see that the winter holidays in the middle have not prevented you to produce for our Mag new works.

While again thanking you, we want to stress the invitation to produce for our Family new ideas, which are not to be meant as long reports and/or articles, but short facts about how you are making concrete your projects, the human faces you are helping through your initiatives. Today visibility is more important than ever, and with it the way we communicate it: we want to give a special attention to the human side of our YE Fund. And now we can say that you can make it!

these are the reasons why we renovate our invitation sent during the last days of 2019, announcing that starting from the next issues we will have a new section, the so-called “Pleased to meet you”, dedicated to external innovative contributions. Sometimes, a nice picture is more important than a long essay, a smile is communicating more than thousand words.

Yes, we are ready to extend our family 🙂

The Editorial Team



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