Apply for the Apprenticeship in CSOs

Credits: Social Innovators

The #NGOTrained Apprenticeship program bridges the gap between civil society organizations struggling with finding staff and members, and young people who are currently seeking employment or internship opportunities. Around 320 young people will be involved in apprenticeships in 128 civil society organizations in Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovenia. The organizations will get an opportunity to build a solid onboarding and training program for new workers or anybody who wants to contribute to their organizations, while young people will learn the skills necessary to work in civil society organizations. This will increase their chances of employment as well as increase their interest in the sector.

Social Innovators Project is very happy to announce that calls for civil society organizations and the apprentices are published. They invite you to join the program.

Calls for Civil Society Organizations and the apprentices are available here:

  • In Croatia, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights has published a call for apprentices and for civil society organizations. 80 civil society organizations have applied for the program. The call for apprentices is open until April 15, 2020. Apply here. (the call is published in Croatian).
  • In Slovenia, a call for civil society organizations is open until April 24, 2020. Apply here. (The call is published in Slovenian). The call for apprentices will be published in the following month.
  • In Bulgaria, the program will be implemented by the National Management School in collaboration with the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL) within the framework of their national  social entrepreneurship development programmes and activities targeted towards building capacity of non-governmental organizations. Follow the updates on social media.


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