Motivation to change

Credits: FOLM

What are transversal competences on the labour market? How does the FOLM project motivate to action? What skills and benefits of its participants can employers derive from? The representatives of the business world, organizations, employment offices, Rotary Club members from the region and the Rotary Club Olsztyn Varmia took part in the Business Meeting in the conference room of the Social Forge in Olsztyn. The event program included presentation of the FOLM project – “From Outdoors To  Labour Market”. 

The FOLM project is a spark for change – increase of motivation, ambition, ability to build plans for the future – assured Dorota Wardyn, project coordinator from the Food Bank in Olsztyn. – We want the participants to introduce changes in their lives in line with the expectations of the labor market. Getting to know them makes it easier for us to lead young people and direct them to subsequent projects offered by labor market institutions, for internships or directly to employers.

Piotr Czuryłło field trainer of the FOLM project ” From Outdoors To  Labour Market ” told about his experience of working with young people.

I am with young people on the first line of battle – their companions when they leave their computers, get out of my parents’ care – explains Piotr. – Many of these people face new challenges for the first time on their own. This program captured me with reality. Being in nature means that change processes occur very quickly. They activate layers of creativity and give confidence. After returning, however, they need the support of institutions and entrepreneurs to transform these changes into real support and a chance to build a career. They have the option of putting a dot over the “i” in this project.

During the Business Meeting, the participants also discussed the development of universal competences necessary in every workplace, the needs of employers, and the situation of young unemployed in Poland. There was speech among others about the need for intergenerational exchange of experiences in the workplace, responsibility for oneself and others, company policy based on values, belonging to a team. The November meeting was attended by, among others Jean Christophe Jop from the Olsztyn branch of the Michelin company, Katarzyna Korzeniewska from the Municipal Employment Office in Olsztyn, Katarzyna Milczarek from the Warmia and Mazury Voivodship Headquarters of OHP, Bartosz Szurmiński and Bożena Piątek from the Voivodship Labor Office.

The meeting ended with a zero waste culinary show performed by chefs associated with the Food Bank in Olsztyn and a mini risotto cooking workshop for invited guests.


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