Training the future trainers

Credits: FOLM

As you know, from FOLM we have planned many more expeditions throughout 2020, and for this, we will need well prepared trainers.

On November 18 and 19, Simon White, Sally and Kev, from Venture Trust, and Dr. Jule Hildman, from the University of Edinburgh, have given specific training of the FOLM project at the Official Leisure School of Santander.

Credits: FOLM

They have deepened, among other things, in the spirit of the project, employability, topics and methodology, and have touched on other aspects, such as stress or disconnection, which are fundamental in working with young people. There has been time to do some group dynamics, and they have not hesitated to answer all questions about documents and management, as well as issues of security, and efficiency of the Outdoors method as conceived in Scotland.

The Director General of Youth of the Government of Cantabria, Irene Lanuza, has attended the first session, and has wished them much encouragement and luck with the following groups.

At the end, the 18 attendees who have participated in this second phase of training – after a first one at the Youth Hostel in Tama – have been very satisfied with the level of knowledge acquired and are looking forward to putting it into practice.


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