An interview with Tomasz Szcesny – YBP

Credits: Young Entrepreneurs Succeed

What is the profile of unemployed youth?

In my practice in working with entrepreneurs I come across three main types in generally. One type is a person who works in a corporation, has already got a bit tired of it.

5-10 years after starting work, he thinks “I prefer to work for myself” and start think “I will leave corporation and switch to my business”. The second type is a person who cannot bear the boss’s authority over himself, wants to have something of his own, his business, so as not to have to be someone’s subordinate. And the third type is a person who cannot find a job that matches his qualifications, his needs at work and is looking for self-realization in his own business. These three types I would mention.

What are the main barriers for young people to get a job?

It was once said that the main barrier is the moment of establishment, that is, all the formalities associated with establishing a business. Now it is very simple and there is no problem with it. Later it was said hat funds were a problem, an obstacle. Now I would say that funds are much better. There is no such a barrier anymore when it comes to capital. I think that now you should focus more. The barrier in establishing a company, in the success of a company is to have around people who have already achieved success, have already gone through this difficult path that is at the beginning and can help such an entrepreneur. There are still not so many people who have succeeded in doing business successfully. Therefore, it’s good to have support from them, have people around them who have gone through it successfully and can support us.

How can young people get access to a job?

Currently, there are a lot of programs, a lot of free trainings for entrepreneurs, while looking at how they work and what effect they give for the entrepreneur, I must say that mentoring, mentoring programs probably have the best impact on entrepreneurs. I take part in such a program myself, I am mentor for a dozen or so people, in annual or semi-annual programs. And I see a lot more value in mentoring programs than even in very well conducted, but theoretical trainings. Mentor, when working for a year with an entrepreneur, can do a lot more. Such programs, where we can get a mentor, someone who has already crossed this path, are still in this business path, it seems to me that this may be the biggest breakthrough for a young entrepreneur.


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