An interview with Grzegorz Wolff – YBP

Credits: Young Entrepreneurs Succeed

What is the profile of unemployed youth?

If we are talking about education and the profile of young people, I have to start with the fact that in Warsaw there are very few unemployed young people because there are about 2400 people young unemployed in the whole of Warsaw, i.e. almost 17.5 thousand unemployed, it is only 13%. Those who do not have those who graduate and do not have these competences, do not have this knlowledge, they do not have the opportunity to find this job.

They have to change attitude, think about additional training, or about acquiring additional competences, e.g. starting their own business.

What are the main barriers for young people to get a job?

Such major barriers are definitely inadequate education. If we have over-representativeness of those among the unemployed who has a university degree, secondary education, a bachelor’s degree, and at the same time cannot find a job, It means that this is not the education that is currently sought.

The second reason is that people do not necessarily want to be trained and rearranged quickly to find a job.

About 50% of young people nationwide, because in Warsaw this is a slightly different result, he is afraid of leaving schools after entering the market. Young people are uncertain about where to look for this job, who to go to, they are somewhat introverted, they need to be open.

How can young people get access to a job?

However, there are a lot of institutions in Warsaw, we have the largest number, of Coworking Space in Poland to which you can come, talk, find contacts, there are several events on a Warsaw scale, events for graduates, for those looking for a job, job fairs, graduate days, various university events, central and municipal institutions, such as business centers, Smolna, Targowa, and Integrator in Bielany.

There is, of course, the Labor Office with a very wide offer for those who want to train, change attitude and want to open their own business. Networking, willingness to cooperate, share information, and look for synergy are extremely important.

How can the different actors cooperate to make it possible?

To cooperate, even if the Labor Office cooperates with Youth Business Poland by implementing a support program for young people who remain outside the labor market for a long time.

It is extremely important to share ideas to support young people, because each of the institutions I mentioned has some opportunity to reach a particular group of young people looking for a job.

By joining forces you can certainly do more.


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