An interview with Adrian Migon – YBP

Credits: Young Entrepreneurs Succeed

To begin for young unemployed in Poland, their number is about 7%, 8%. You can see that this is not a large percentage. However, for Warsaw it is 0.5%. We see here large differences between regions in Poland, the greater percentage is in the villages and in smaller towns, as well as in poorer regions of Poland than e.g. in Warsaw.

What is more, often young people entering the labor market in to face barriers. One of them is e.g. lack of experience and skills. Employers would like to employ people who already know how to manage projects, manage a team and bring it to work. Young people do not have these experiences and this is definitely a big barrier for them. Another barrier is also the lack of knowing foreign language and this also hinders getting a job. For young It is important to get as many apprenticeships and internships as possible during their education in high school or during studies. We are able to bring as much as possible to the company, we are more attractive on the labor market, because let’s not hide that there is big competition nowadays. Especially to get a job with higher earnings we have to stand out and have the right qualifications.

In addition to internships and apprenticeships, we can also take part in various training programs run by various foundations and the public sector. At the employment office, we can use vouchers for consultancy, vouchers for education, i.e. finish a professional course or obtain funding for the development of our own form, i.e. we can see that there is a lot of this support. However, often young people do not know where to look for this support, because often each organization implements its own programs and often these organizations do not inform about their various programs, they only talk about their own. Because of this, young people do not know exactly where to apply and where to apply.

Moreover what is important is the cooperation of various organizations in supporting entrepreneurship or professional activation. An example of what we do in the Young Entrepreneurs Succeed project is just an attempt to build such an entrepreneurship support ecosystem that would be able to help develop your own business, but also recommend other organizations that have other programs, but also components that are not provided in our program . In the Young Entrepreneurs Succeed program, you can receive mentoring, training and assistance in financing, and when building a cooperation model, we care about helping young people develop the company and enter the labor market.


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