An interview with Albert Colomer, Autoocupació

Credits: Young Entrepreneurs Succeed

What is the profile of young entrepreneurs?

For more than 33 years, at the Autoocupació Foundation, a group of young people have dedicated ourselves to being entrepreneurs, most of these people are young and are young both because of their age and because of their young spirit. Every time we meet more people who want to develop their professional itinerary from the point of view of working for themselves, developing their own dream instead of working for corporations or as Bill Gates said to follow the dream of another, if you are not an entrepreneur surely what you will do is, work for someone and what it will do is chase their dreams.

What are the main barriers for young people to establish a business?

The main barrier that these young people can find, what is it? The fear of failure, the fear of not meeting the challenges that each of them sets, this fear of failure must be worked. Visualizing successes more than failure is a good way to do this. Fear of failure often prevents these young people from developing their dreams, they ask themselves the question “why if am I a young person without experience, perhaps without much training, perhaps without resources, Why should I develop this idea that I have? Why should I face this?

Which are the main challenges that our society can have in economic or professional terms, Why me? The answer is simple … who has to do it if not? Those who already have studies, who are already well off, will do it. That they already have a job, that they already have a more affluent system of life, in which they already depend on them, they have a family, a partner, children, they have a house to support or better a young person who, when they start, will surely have the support of his family, and will be able to develop their ideas and if they fail then they have the time to fail again a second time or to fail again a third time, always without losing the direction of their dream, always wanting to develop what we want to refer in the foundation, which is that phrase always we say that “I am what I want to be” must be the “leitmotif” of the life of these young people.

How can young people access entrepreneurship?

These young people must access entrepreneurship taking advantage of their talent, it is evident that everyone has innate talents and these talents can also be improved, with training, improvement of professional skills, teamwork, planning, all are elements that of course will improve this ability to succeed young people’s entrepreneurial ideas.

How can the different sectors cooperate to make it possible?

In order to help to have more and more young entrepreneurs in our country, what we have to do is promote from basic education, from the first moment, that people are what they want to be, so that they empower people from school, From childhood because their career path is not always focused on working for someone else, but their career path basically focuses on developing professionally on their own. Making entrepreneurs, making young entrepreneurs will allow us to meet the maximum challenges of our society.


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