Palidzesim successful start of CODE courses

As a Partner of Project CODE, charity organization from Latvia has started 1st training course of Graphic design at the end of March 2020.

Organization works with young people from social exclusion risk groups – youngsters with disabilities, financial problems, youngsters from foster families etc. These young people have low self-esteem, and no motivation for obtaining education or active participating in the labor market. The psychological traumas from childhood have considerably affected their future development and wishes.

Initially there were 13 students involved in the project, but due to personal difficulties, 10 are continuing studies, aged 14-29. Even just after 1.5monthes of training, some of them are starting to assume re-start going to school and gain education in primary school, so we consider this as a great achievement and success of the implementation of project.  Even more – majority of them have gained business ideas and professional targets to achieve. has started training just at the time of limitations concerning COVID-19, but as versatile organization, we have adapted to new circumstances very quickly. Even more – we consider that remote learning has many pros – majority of those youngsters are unsure, with low self-esteem and sitting in their private room, behind camera gives them feeling more secure and confident. As well as it enables participation in 100% of lessons.

One of our success samples is student who is completely paralyzed, he can move just his head, but still he has a strong desire and resolution to learn Graphic design and we have made it real by adapting software to his needs. Thanks to remote training, he is able to participate in ALL lessons, unlikely it would be possible consuming his difficulties to travel.

As well as worth to mention that a youngster with little mental disabilities has gained faith in himself and he is so obsessed with learning Graphics that he gets ready 4hours earlier before training starts not to miss it. To evaluate satisfaction of learning process, has developed questioning form for students and evaluating answers, everybody is satisfied with learning process.

Latvian government has decided to relieve restrictions of Covid-19, but schools are still closed, so we will continue education process in distance/from home enabling learning process for all students.



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