LEAD project, promoted in Lisbon and Moita

Credits: LEAD

At the end of November last year, our colleagues from Consultis – Consultoria Empresarial, Unipessoal Lda. (Portugal) have attended the Seminar “Equity and Inclusion: The Potential of the Erasmus+ Program”, organised at the Thalia Theater in Lisbon, in order to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. They highlighted the interventions of the representatives of the National Institute for Rehabilitation (INR), and of the Erasmus+ National Agency, the delivery of Inclusive E+ Awards, as well as an experience and aninformation exchange session. During this session, our colleagues presented the activity carried out and the results obtained within LEAD project.

Almost two weeks later, António Silva Dias, LEAD project manager from Consultis, the Portuguese partner, presented our project and its activities to the stakeholders in the Plenary of Moita Local Council for Social Action (CLASM). He highlighted services delivered by the Centre of Supported Employment Services located in Moita to people with disabilities, their parents or tutors and the local representatives of companies. Also, António talked about the National Network of Supported Employment Services Providers and its role in increasing the capacity of professionals in the field to achieve higher success rates in their current activity. CLASM is a forum for discussions and approval of social measures and projects at local level, chaired by the Mayor of Moita or a designated City Councilor. It consists of representatives from 54 partners located and/or with intervention in the territory of Moita (non-profit organisations, public bodies and agencies).

During the meeting held on December 10th, 2019, at the Municipal Library “Bento de Jesus Caraça”, several local ongoing projects and project applications alongside LEAD project were presented, out of which we are mentioning “Inclusion Helpdesk” promoted by the Municipality of Moita in partnership with the National Institute of Rehabilitation.

In mid-January 2020, the Consultis team organised a Joint Conference on the progress, achievements and results of the transnational projects JOBCIRCUIT and LEAD. Both projects are implemented by Consultis and were/are focusing on increasing the employment chances of people with disabilities in Portugal.

In order to maximise the impact of the event and leverage effect among public and private stakeholders, the Joint Conference was organised in Lisbon, at the auditorium of the National Institute for Rehabilitation. The conference was attented by 50 representatives of companies working with people with disabilities, members of the National Network of Supported Employment Services Providers, as well as officials of international partners such as: Valakupiai Rehabilitation Center, LEAD partner from Lithuania, URI-SOCA from Slovenia and MCA – Marie Curie Association from Bulgaria.


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