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Credits: SEPAL

Reality after COVID-19 is slowly coming back to normal. Our partners from Poland has already contacted with new LSC members and they extend network of local institutions working in field of supporting vulnerable groups.

On the 26th May 2020 Agnieszka Janiak (WISE expert- job mediator) and Beata Mintus (communication coordinator) met with leader of ‘Mam Dom Foundation’- Joanna Kawałek. The main goal of the Foundation is to prevent social exclusion, equalize development opportunities, support reintegration through social and professional activation in the form of trainings, workshops and educational programmes, as well as popularization of the idea of social mediation. A group of our NEETs have already finished the course of leisure workers started apprenticeship stage in the Foundation. They work as carers during summer camp for children.

Credits: SEPAL

On 5th of June the Polish team met with Mariusz Michalski, President of the Klaster NGO and ‘Wiedza i Miłosierdzie Foundation’. The NGO Cluster conducts activities for the benefit of the poor, disabled and threatened by social exclusion people by supporting the development of their social competences. The Polish team signed an agreement of cooperation in case of implementation of apprenticeship stage for project’s target group. We are very happy that the SEPAL Project is expanding its activities beyond Szczecin and we are optimistic about our new cooperation.

In times of pandemic, strengthening the cooperation of local networks is our priority. At the end of the summer we are planning organize a dissemination event in order to discuss and summarize the first two years of SEPAL project.


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