CODE Project online event “Horizon for the creative – find your supporters”

Credits: CODE

On July, 30th 2020 Human Resources Development Agency – Ruse jointly with FPC Ltd held an open online event “Horizon for the creative – find your supporters” through the google meet platform.
The meeting brought together a large number of creative youngsters with similar interests in the field of gaming and creative industries, willing to deal with the development of gaming, painting, 3D design. Most of them became members of the newly established facebook group “Creative Ruse”, which main purpose is to unite all creative thinking people from Ruse region.
During the event the opportunities and services of the Center for Creative Development.were presented online. It was created under the CODE project / Competence Opportunities for Digital Employment / and funded by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.
The young people who are engaged or want to engage in gaming or creative industries discussed opportunities for the implementation of joint projects and ideas. They would be assisted by high qualified and experienced experts from the newly established Creative Development Center and European Network for Business and Innovation – Enterprise Europe Network, represented by FPC Ltd.
The Creative Development Center was created under the CODE Project (Competence Opportunities for Digital employment). The project CODE benefits from a 2 300 000 € grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants. The aim of the project CODE is to provide opportunities for quality employment to vulnerable young people in poverty risk.


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