Presenting Blue Economy jobs opportunities in Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Poland in the framework of the BlueGeneration project

Promotional Visit in Spain. Credits: Blue Generation Project

Blue Generation’s goal is to engage young people aged 15 to 29 years in the so-called marine vocations, as a modern, attractive, and efficient alternative option to unemployment.

Blue Generation focuses on the 7 sectors of the Blue Economy: coastal tourism, shipbuilding, ocean energy, marine biotechnology, maritime transport, fishing, and fish farming/aquacultures and it is implemented by an international partnership of organizations from Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Portugal and Spain with the support of experts in the Blue Economy from Belgium, Germany, Iceland and Norway. The coordinator of the project in Greece is Militos Consulting S.A. with the active support of Sea Teach (Spain).

A series of info visits have been carried out prior to Covid-19 pandemic by the beneficiary partners of Blue Generation project in their project countries in order to raise awareness to young people (15 – 29 years old) and inform them on why and how to pursue a career in the hundreds sea-related professions; not known by most youth.

We continue to offer free mentoring and counseling services to young men and women, but do it remotely due to Covid-19 restrictions. We have also adapted the information program for schoolsprofessional training organizations and youth centers in order to continue this great European-wide effort via the internet.

SeaTeach (PP BlueGeneration project) was at the high school IES Aurora Picornell having an informative talk about career opportunities in the Blue Economy (all the sectors related to seas and oceans) in early of November. The attendants showed a lot of interest and it will be a pleasure to guide them in finding a career in the Blue Economy.

CLUBE (PP BlueGeneration project) visited Lumiar High School to present the project to 100 students and students. With us was Léa, agronomist engineer and in love with the sea, who surprised the audience with their stories at sea.

Active Bulgarian Society (PP BlueGeneration project) went into different classrooms in the Professional High School of Architecture and Geodesy in Blagoevgrad to introduce the Blue Generation project to local youth. Students of different ages had the opportunity to hear about the blue economy and all the job opportunities in the seven sectors. Each student received a career guide and at the end of the presentation, students took part in a fun quiz on the topic.

Contextos(PP BlueGeneration project) was in São Brás de Alportel, as part of the 2019 Volta de Apoio ao Emprego 2019 (Employment Support Roundtrip), presenting to 73 participants, the Blue Generation project funded by the EEA and Norway Grants. The objective of the Blue Generation project is to inspire young people to pursue a career in one of the areas of the blue economy.
Volta de Apoio ao Emprego 2019 ( aims to present solutions for improving employability in the European context through vocational training, internships or international volunteering experience.

SeaTeach (PP BlueGeneration project) had an informative session at the adult education center CEPA Francesc de Borja Moll in Inca, to young adults that are finishing mandatory secondary education and VET students in late of November. We explained the opportunities in the Blue Economy, and the participants showed interest in what seas and oceans have to offer.

The 9th of December we were at the Adult Education Center in Alcúdia, explaining the #work and training oportunities in the Blue economy to the students of the Initial Vocational Qualification Program in Maintenance of Structural Elements and Recoating of Surfaces from Sport and Recreational Boats. The students showed great interest in careers in the Blue Economy. Many thanks to their teacher, José Luis Cernuda, for his kindness and support.

The 10th of December we have been at the Adult Education Center Camp Rodó in Palma, inspiring secondary school students about the career opportunities in the Blue Economy.

On Monday, 16th of December, Sea Teach explained the BlueGeneration Project and the work and training opportunities the different Blue Economy sectors have to offer. Theyalso explained some tools such as mentoring, jobplattform, to find a ‘blue’ career.The students of IES Son Ferrer showed some interest and wanted to get more information.

Students at Panteion University (International & European Studies) discovered the job opportunities in the Blue Economy sector.
This is the start of a series of info visits that Militos Consulting S.A.(Lead partner) carries out in Greece in order to raise awareness to young people (15 – 29 years old) and inform them on why and how to pursue a career in the hundreds sea-related professions; not known by most youth.
Special thanks to Dr. Makis Rodotheatos (Professor at Panteion University) for his valuable support.
The interactive presentation was made by the Community Engagement Coordinator Marievi Gretsi.

On the 27/01, at PalmaActiva, in Palma de Mallorca, Sea Teach as a partner of BlueGeneration Project SPAIN, explained the working and training opportunities in the different sectors of the blue economy to all the attendants.

We also presented our new free job platform at, where companies, training institutions and other entities can post their job offerstraining opportunities and internships totally for free! Interested youth can access this information without any cost!

The session was a success and all the participant showed great interest!

“We got informed about the job opportunities that we hadn’t heard before,” said students at the 2nd Secondary School of the Municipality of Vrilissia in Greece who highlighted the high percentage of jobs in the Blue Economy and recognized #bluegenerationproject as extremely #useful for their future careers after finishing school.

Nasia Peiou, graduated from Athens University of Economics and Business contacted with Militos Consulting S.A. team and got free mentoring in the Blue Economy jobs.
Together we discovered the professional profile that fits her and wishes to develop and she is ready for personal guidance from our experts in the coastal tourismshipbuilding and ocean energy sectors.

On 10/03/2020 SeaTeach participated at the JobdayUIB at the Universitat de les Illes Balears – UIB, promoting the BlueGeneration Project, about job oportunities in the Blue Economy.

Many young people were interested, and we explained them our Blue Careers Job Platform ( and the posibility to obtain mentoring about careers in the maritime sector.

“Blue Economy” is much more than career opportunities for young people. In the seaside city of Halkida, we presented the BlueGeneration project and spoke about the free mentoring sessions, the trainings, the courses and the job portal. The Militos Consulting S.A. team strives to bring the message to young people 15-29 that there is help all the way to the start of their Blue Economy career!

On the 12/03/2020 SeaTeach was at the Iberostar Ciudad Blanca Alcúdia Hotel, where we explained the VET Students for Kitchen and Gastronomy and Restaurant Services the opportunities the Blue Economy has to offer. Especially, we told them about career opportunities at cruise shipssuperyachts, and maritime transport. Also, we told them about our free job platform, at as a tool for job research. They discovered an ocean of opportunities!

Students of the School of Second Chance in Xanthi, who are completing their studies, were informed about training + employment prospects within the Blue Economy sectors. Their response was particularly warm, as many members of their families are already employed in the Blue Economy, mainly in technical sectors, in Greece and Europe. In fact, many of the students immediately expressed interest in receiving personal guidance from the Blue Generation team of Career Counselors, coordinated by Konstantin Tsimas of Militos Consulting S.A.
The webinar was implemented [in collaboration with Professor Mr. Tassos Sarris and the School’s Director Mr. S. Symeonidis; both are deeply thanked], in the framework of the Blue Generation project funded by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.


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