Recruitment over coffee!

Credits: FOLM

Despite the prevailing pandemic, our main goal was and is to maintain contact with participants of previous and future expeditions. The epidemic situation in Poland allows us to organize recruitment in the field, which we try to use. We also take advantage of the beautiful weather, which is conducive to meetings in the open air and encourages participation in FOLM. During the first recruitment meetings, we want the future participants of the FOLM project to feel the atmosphere of expeditions to the forest. We put up tents, light a bonfire, drink coffee from a kettle, introduce a holiday, summer climate, but also the climate of wandering with FOLM. We invite the participants of previous expeditions, who talk about what the project gave them. We are very happy when those who have already made the journey with FOLM are reshaping their lives, some return to the educational path and some get to their dream job.

On July 25th at the city beach in Orzysz in Mazury, FOLM trainers encouraged to participate in the project. The meeting was an opportunity not only to share promotional materials but above all to talk frankly about the needs of young people.

On the first weekend of August, the trainers encouraged to participate in FOLM during Hip Hop Pisz’20 festival. They were accompanied by volunteers — former project participants. Their experience and enthusiastic opinions are the best recommendation for their peers. Summer is full, and we are planning next meetings and next trips.

We know it’s worth it!



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