“Nurturing the world” as an employment opportunity for young people

Credits: Social Innovators

In response to high youth unemployment and a low level of employment in the NGO sector, PiNA has created the campaign “Nurturing the world can be a job too”, with which we will enable young people to gain a unique opportunity to participate in the NGO sector with more than 40 NGOs. With the help of mentors, they will acquire important work competencies, and one of them will be rewarded with one-year employment in the selected organization.

We will provide young people, aged 18 to 30, with 80-hour on-the-job training in more than 40 non-governmental organizations from all over Slovenia.

Under experienced mentorship, they will have the opportunity to upgrade and acquire new competencies in various fields (project management, communication, education, administration and advocacy) and the opportunity to help “take care of a better world” in the selected NGO.

We invited young people to participate with a communication campaign on posters and social networks, and addressed them with three creative solutions: “Nurturing the world can be a job too”, “Saving the world can be a job too” and “Beautifying the world can be a job too”. With them, we wanted to encourage young people to think about the non-governmental sector when deciding on their career, in which they can contribute to positive changes in the world and in society.



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