The E-course Platform is now On-line 

Credits: YENESIS

The e-course is an online educational source based on the training material created for the project by all the partners.

The YENESIS online course consists of the 4 main thematic areas of YENESIS project combining the topic of Business Innovation. Users can navigate all topics through 6 different Chapters. All chapters provide the educational material in the form of a presentation and one or two questions for “better understanding”. These questions are either multiple choice questions or “Leave a comment”. “Leave a Comment” is a question or a phrase that provides a general topic as a title for the specific chapter of each topic. Every question provides an open space for users’ discussion as a forum.  When users complete, all the tasks of their topic and business innovation, they access the final quiz which leads to YENESIS eCourse Certificate. They can try unlimited times to reach the Certificate. Users through YENESIS eCourse website can communicate and discuss YENESIS thematic areas. Every user can log in for free and have the course with estimated duration time between 30min and 70min.

The courses are available in 7 languages: English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Estonian and Portuguese


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