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Credits: RAISE Youth

Factory is a digitalization-technology company specialized in the design & development of web & mobile applications.

Founded in 2012, they are proud owners of many awards; from best mobile applications, best web applications, numerous Clutch listings in top positions to best student internship programs in Croatia.

By embracing changes in the IT industry, they create trends and products not only for today but for the years to come.

With the contribution of, RAISE Youth project will launch a crowdsourcing platform, digital catalogue of local products and tourist mobile App in order to shape and improve the entrepreneurship environment for NEETs in Croatia.

Empowering young women in tech – How we’re doing it!

Our Factory offices have been home to female leaders for many years. Our management boasts 4 strong female leads in crucial positions, such as project management, sales management, and marketing management.

And speaking in percentages, around 35% of our colleagues are female!

But today, we’ll be talking about our dear female students who are taking the next step in their careers and overcoming all the obstacles they may face.

And thanks to our specific approach towards students, we’ve been awarded the “Zlatni indeks” award for best internships in Croatia in 2019!

Credits: RAISE Youth

And now – we’re proud to present to you the women of Factory!

What made you choose Factory among all other IT companies?

I decided to complete my frontend development internship at Factory, partly because there’s already a huge amount of information available from students who already completed their internship at Factory.

No one had to say anything negative about any part of the internship, so it was a big plus for me when choosing which company to go to.

Mihaela, Frontend development intern

Credits: RAISE Youth

How difficult did you find the internship and how did you overcome the challenges you faced?

The most difficult part for me was when I got a client inquiry about game development.
I needed to ask for additional information that wasn’t previously cited in the documentation which will specify what developers and designers need to do.

Critical thinking was what helped me solve the problem. Logical and critical thinking are the key requirements for anyone aspiring to be a project manager.

Ana, Project manager intern

Credits: RAISE Youth

What do you think about our application process?

The application process included solving specific problems and an interview with Marketing manager Ana and Mirna from HR.
Solving these problems was a bit difficult because I wasn’t previously met with some marketing tools and tactics, but now I understand them much better.

The best thing about the interview is that I got feedback from my mentor Ana on my application tasks, and she pointed me in the right direction.

The interview went great and based on that, my mentor customized my internship program and adjusted it to my interests.

Nikolina, Marketing intern

Credits: RAISE Youth

And how was your mentor during the internship?

My mentor, Matija, gets the highest possible grade! He’s a mentor who gladly transfers his knowledge to his students. I find his approach to be just great.

First, he gives us a task to solve it and if we hit some kind of dead-end, he jumps in and helps us with whatever we’re dealing with. And if we succeed to solve the task, he shows us if there’s another, possibly simpler approach for solving it.

That way, both the problem and the solution are much easier to understand.

Terezija, Android development intern

Credits: RAISE Youth

What’s your take on our organization of remote internships?

The remote internship is conceived great, with a good number of weekly tasks and everyday communication with my mentor.

During the internship, you can really learn a lot; both about the profession itself and about the wider business landscape.

I was really impressed by the clients, projects, and the whole business which completed my, already positive view on Factory.

Ružica, UX/UI design intern

Credits: RAISE Youth

You want to connect with us? We’d like that too!

You’ve met our students and read their stories. Now, if you feel like you’d like to have your story featured too – let’s talk!

Women have a strong position in our tech community and will continue to do so.

If you’d like to be one of the strong female leads in IT – reach out to us and find out more about our remote internship opportunities!

We’re always looking for young and bright students who want to carve their way into IT and accomplish great things.

When you’re ready to take the next step, let our HR department know by saying “hi” to them at!


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