Digital Skills Improvement Courses

Credits: SEPAL

In collaboration with the CFA Morera Pomar in Badalona, Pere Closa SEPAL team decided to organize a training about establishing a course with the aim to improve digital skills, because the WISErs detected that the NEET’s had very low competences in this field.

In the next three months, the youngsters will improve their skills and will get an official certified title, that can help them to find a job easily in the administration field, and other sectors related with the use of computers in the jobs.

This training is taken by 7 migrant NEETs.

They are very satisfied with this training. Last week we had to stop it because the COVID-19 situation went worse and physical classes were not allowed for five days. With the improvement of the general situation in the country, we can start the course again, which puts the students closer to their titles, and to getting a job in the regular market.

The idea is that at the beginning of the year 2021 they will be able to attend an apprenticeship in some of our partner companies and get enough job experience to get a best position in the labour market.



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