Training of basic skills as the key to success in the labour market

The development and improvement of soft (social) competences is a requirement and necessity of a modern labour market. Employers expect that a person entering the labour market, apart from appropriate education and experience, will have developed basic skills. They are looking for such qualities and skills as communicativeness, time management, commitment and ability of life long learning. The personal predispositions of the candidate aren’t determined by character traits – they can be acquired and developed independently. One of the way of developing basic skills is training.

For the purposes of the SEPAL project, together with our LSC Advisory and Training Centre Pola Rechinbach-Piotrowicz, we organise certified trainings for our participants in the following fields:

  • Sales techniques and interpersonal communication in customer service
  • A sales specialist
  • Building a personal image in the labour market
  • Active job search using ICT tools
  • Autopresentation
  • Assertive communication and problem solving
  • Your inner power-development of self-esteem and inner strength
  • The importance of image in the workplace

NEETs who wish to take part in the training, a month before the project’s planned apprenticeship or on-the-job training, participate in a series of meetings with experts in the development of basic workplace competencies.

We believe that this good practice gives our participants more self-confidence and prepares them to deal with various problems in the labour market and has a positive impact on the effectiveness of the job searching process.


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