Solutions Brief Therapy and Counselling Centre – Ruse presented an online platform for motivational and psychological helpunder the CODE project

Credits: CODE

As we have already informed you, the platform for motivational and psychological helpunder the CODE project / Competent Opportunities for Digital Employment / –, available in Bulgarian and English, is ready and launched. The online tool for psychological support was developed especially for CODE project by the famous psychiatrist Dr. Plamen Panayotov and his team from Solutions Brief Therapy and Counselling CentreRuse and Master of Psychology Boyan Strahilov from PIK Center Sofia.

On 27.11.2020 Solutions took part in an online session, part of the training on 3D Max and Maya, organized by the lead partner, Human Resources Development Agency. Dr. Plamen Panayotov and Mr Boyan Strahilov presented the main functionalities, opportunities and advantages of the motivational platform in the conditions of distance work and training, caused by the crisis with COVID-19.

The basic idea of ​​his revolutionary QUQu approach / Asking useful questions / is that individuals can be highly motivated to learn and solve problems by asking good questions. By practicing step-by-step their Thinking, Asking Questions, Getting Answers, Doing, Observing and Evaluating the results can go beyond the Project – the user could progress in its personal development by improving its language skills and ability for taking decisions.

The platform has been developed especially for the needs of CODE project, with the possibility to be used after its completion in broad training aspects. Its main goal is to increase the motivation of the projecttrainees, as well as to support them in their personal development. It can be used by all participants in the project, as well as by anyone who wants to develop itslanguage and other skills. Participants in CODE courses, as well as everyone else, are invited to use the platform and also to apply what they have learned not only in project activities, but also in their daily life practice.

The creators of the motivational module are available for online and offline individual consultations. Each user can receive feedback on what has been done so far from both psychologists and other users, as well as receive practical guidance on their future self-improvement.


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