New Education Forum in Poland

Credits: FOLM

On 1 December, for the first time in the history of the New Education Forum in Poland, the conference was held online. The main discussion revolved around Outdoor Learning as a key tool for the development of young people.

We talked about education in the Outdoor based on observations of the FOLM project (From Outdoors to Labour Market), whose leader in Poland is the Centre for Innovative Education (CIE) and partner is the Food Bank in Olsztyn. The New Education Forum is a regular event with an annual conference at the European Parliament in Brussels. The meeting was attended by distinguished guests, among others: Anna Wicha (Director of Public Affairs: Poland, Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Adecco Group), Beata Tokarczyk (Management Board Plenipotentiary for Public Affairs), Beata Tokarczyk (Management Board Plenipotentiary for Public Affairs: Poland, Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Adecco Group). The following persons were also involved in the project: Bogna Frąszczak (Director, Vocational Advisory Centre for Youth in Poznań), Marek Borowski (President of the Food Bank in Olsztyn), Stanisław Dylak (professor, University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań).

The conference was summed up by Joanna Bochniarz, President of the CIE Foundation, who stressed that thanks to the New Education Forum we have enriched our knowledge about what is currently “heard” in the FOLM project and how the project is perceived by people from outside, who observe how the methods used in it work and how it is implemented. It sounded strong that FOLM is really needed and unique. We have established ourselves in the belief that FOLM helps to maintain determination, to build on our own strengths, to be open and flexible, but above all to remember our own value.

Many valuable words were said:

“Thanks to projects like FOLM, young people learn to communicate – they strengthen their own talent, which employers can use to learn new solutions that will be useful in the workplace” – Anna Wicha.

“By believing that we can make our own dreams come true, we can also translate them into concrete goals. We should fight for space to strengthen our own talent” – Beata Tokarczyk.



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