EDIBO Digital Bootcamps in Greece

The last couple of months were not so easy for everyone in every place on Earth due to the pandemic situation that is a part of our daily routine for over one year. However, opportunities are still out there and exciting results can help to be ready for the post-pandemic life.

In the framewrok of EDIBO project, three Digital Bootcamps have been implemented in Greece from the Lead Partner ‘’Three Thirds Society NPO’’ during the last 6 months. All cycles took place online due to the national restrictions and lasted for 200 hours each. It turned out that the online method had positive impact as it gave us the chance to involve NEETs from other geographical areas that we couldn’t cover otherwise.

In total, from the beginning of the EDIBO project four Digital Bootcamps have been completed and two of them will end within May 2021 resulting in the completion of six cycles with 158 NEETs enrolled.

The training program of each Digital Bootcamp was up-to-date, close to the job market needs and with focus on the practical side. Our participants had the chance to learn how to use LabVIEW for a graphical programming approach, the fundamentals of Digital Marketing as well as HTML and CSS which are two of the core technologies for building web pages.

A sample of the feedback we recieved from participants is presented below:

I’ve learned to use in practice all digital marketing tools. I feel ready to start a digital marketing career”

“I learned to make a website alone. I did not expect to get to this point.”

“I took a satisfying knowledge of this field although I hadn’t contact with digital marketing in the past.And I would like to have the ability to practise this knowledge practically in the future

“I heard about Bootcamps from a friend and I was very excited that I had the chance to participate in the 2nd cycle. I hope that it will help me from now on.”


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