FOLM – From Outdoors to Labour Market – project’s result

Group in Spain. Credits: FOLM

The project From Outdoors to Labour Market benefits from a 3.400.000 € grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. The aim of FOLM is to motivate NEETs to come back to studies or labour market thanks to Outdoors Learning.

The project has started in 2018, has been carried out in three countries: Spain, Ireland and Poland & now we are entering the phase of evaluation. The results are really satisfying.

Preliminary data clearly indicate that participants who completed the programme showed considerable gains in parameters linked to transversal competencies such as collaborative behaviour, goal-setting, self-management. A high rate of participants transitioned successfully to employment, training or education! [1]

[2] Credits: FOLM

[1] Hildmann, J., Strang, M., Hoyne, S., & Bochniarz, J. (accepted). Developing Transversal Competencies Through Outdoor Learning – Preliminary Findings from the Project ‘From Outdoors to Labour Market’ (FOLM). Conference contribution to the European Conference on Educational Research 2021, Geneva, Switzerland & online: 6-9 September

[2] Data gathered till March 31, 2021


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