“Hidden Likes” Youth Houses – Project L.I.K.E. – “Life Investment is the Key to Employment”

The “Hidden Likes” Youth Houses program is a successful example of how young people with mental health problems, regardless of diagnosis or duration of illness, can socialize, return to education and training, or work successfully, given the appropriate support. 

Despite the pandemic and with the help of digital technologies, online resources and opportunities, the project managed to:

  • Create Youth Houses – a shared space for therapy and engagement;
  • Understand mental illness and with it, the related resources for the treatment and rehabilitation of young NEETs;
  • Derivate the most appropriate support mechanisms for the recovery and employment of the target group with mental health problems;
  • Create appropriate family, mentoring and employer support that increases employment success;
  • Find potential solutions to eliminate stigma and discrimination;
  • Build partnerships for cooperation between different organizations and services to support young people who do not work or study.
Credits: L.I.K.E.


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