The RAISE Youth Project – results

Credits: RAISE Youth

Project  RAISE Youth – Rural Action for Innovative and Sustainable Entrepreneurship for Youth targets young people (NEETs – not in education, employment, or training) in the four countries – Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain – that are experiencing unemployment as their biggest problem because it directly affects the possibility of their independence, future planning, building their own skills and abilities. Project is focusing on the NEETs population in rural areas of the 4 target countries with the special focus on those aged 25-29 from rural and suburban areas, women and Roma.

Since the start of the implementation, RAISE Youth project had an outreach of almost 5 000 NEETs. More then 1/5 of them were enrolled in some kind of training or mentoring program provided on-line, on the field or in one of our newly opened DEMO centers.

RAISE Youth in numbers*:

Credits: RAISE Youth

*Project outcomes on March 31st, 2021


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