The NESET project – what has been achieved so far

Despite the COVID-19 situation, as of end of Apr 2021 more than 500 NEETs in the NESET BCs (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Romania), were involved in training activities through participation in Social and communication (438), Employability (143), Entrepreneurship (153) and Validation of skills (161) training workshops making use of online platforms, such as Teams, Zoom, etc. In addition, some of the PPs (e.g. in the Lead Partner in Bulgaria) also organised face-to-face training sessions, conforming to anti-pandemic national requirements.

The preparation and translation of the e-Support platform’s content was finalised in all BCs which enabled its usage in training workshop’s delivery, whereas training participants were also acquainted with its functionalities. The collection of a database of youth job-seekers, employers and LM intermediaries in BCs greatly progressed in most BCs and it was decided that it would continue during the following project period in order to accumulate the additional registrations to further facilitate the provision of envisaged pilot labour mobility services. Various funding opportunities for start-up support in the tourism sector were identified by PPs in their countries. Feedback from the training workshops in all BCs is being used as in input to later serve for finalisation of the NESET mobility portal and instructive simulation environment by the responsible project partner. The recruitment of youth trainers and peer support providers will continue during WP6 piloting services provision.

Below, the most important numbers of the NESET achievements are presented:


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