Young adults with disabilities, beneficiaries of LEAD project, involved in volunteering activities

Credits: LEAD

Creative workshops for making spring decorations and trinkets

In February 2021, Health Action Overseas Foundation (HAO) and the “Together for the Future” Association from Constanţa organised two creative workshops attended by 11 young people with disabilities: beneficiaries of the LEAD project.

They made trinkets and various spring decorations with care and patience, guided by our colleagues and partners from the mentioned Association. These small objects were gladly given to the women from the three Residential Centers for the Elderly: “Finţia” from Eforie Sud, “Zig -Zag”, and “Nikolas” from Costineşti.

Within these workshops, young adults developed their dexterity and aesthetic sense by learning new work techniques. Also, they managed through being able to collaborate, develop their social and communication skills, and to enjoy together the result of their work, and the smiles on the faces of the ladies who received the objects they had made.

Cleaning the “Modern” beach from Constanţa (Romania)

At the beginning of June, on the occasion of International Environment Day, three young people with disabilities, beneficiaries of the services offered by HAO, supervised by our colleague, Alina Sachelaru, attended an event which was dedicated to cleaning the “Modern” beach from Constanţa.

This activity was part of the “Today for Tomorrow” project, initiated by the CSR Nest Association. The event was organised in partnership with the IPV Constanta Association, with the support of the Ministry of Environment, and funded by Coca-Cola. Pupils from five schools from Năvodari, Megdidia, and Constanța, together with volunteers from the IPV Association, and Coca Cola, participated alongside our young people at this event.

Our beneficiaries worked hard and carefully cleaned the allocated area. They also had the opportunity to socialise with the other participants and aquire useful information about ecology, energy and saving water, and what they can do every day to save the planet. At the end of the event, each participant was rewarded with sweet surprises, pizza, juice, and water offered by the organisers.


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