Seminar and press conference in Riga, Latvia

Credits: L.I.K.E.

On 22nd of September  (Wednesday) the annual seminar and conference in Riga, Latvia on the project LIKE – “Life Investment is the Key to Employment” and the “Hidden Likes” Youth House was held. The event took place in the Fabrikas restaurant, in compliance with all anti-epidemic safety measures.

The topics discussed were on the inclusion of people with mental health problems – socially and in the labor market; Stakeholder representatives debated on the most comprehensive and appropriate model of cooperation to achieve sustainable and long-term goals for labor market involvement.

The program consisted of:

  • consideration of strategies;
  • identification of problems and possible solutions;
  • profile of the client who needs the services of the youth house, possible solutions from the experience and expertise of the participants in the event.
  • Q&A

Who took part?

  • Representatives of the LIKE project team: psychologists, social workers;
  • The Minister of Welfare;
  • Representatives of non-governmental organizations that would cooperate with the PINS Association -TOTAL Foundation, Child of Care, Wings of Hope, Zelda;
  • Employers.

The main focus was toidentify, understandand present the project’s:

  • vision,
  • interest,
  • clients,
  • relatives,
  • professionals and employers.




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