Get networked! 3rd international brokerage event – 20.09.2021

Credits: eNEET Rural

The two days International conference of eNEET Rural project held in Budapest, Hungary on 20.09.2021-21.09.2021 brought together NEETs and stakeholders from Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Romania and Slovakia.

The event brought together parties from all consortium countries with the aim to extend networks and establish entry points for further cooperation. Participants had an opportunity to examine mutual interest areas, share ideas and best practices and identify challenges particularly in the agricultural and youth employment sphere.

Discussions were triggered by a few interesting presentations. For example, an organic grower from Bulgaria showed how his bio farm near the Black See works, which provided a good ground for discussions.

The representative of the Hungarian Association for small-scale producers and service providers presented their work in safeguarding the interest of their clients and their results in stimulating short food supply chains.

Finally, the possible calls for cooperation (eg. EUROSTARS/EUREKA, ERASMUS+, INTERREG) were introduced and discussed.


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