Hop on the bus and visit the native breed of buffalos! Farm tour in the vicinity of Szob

eNEET Rural

The two days International conference of eNEET Rural project held in Budapest, Hungary on 20.09.2021-21.09.2021 brought together NEETs and stakeholders from Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Romania and Slovakia.

Hop on the bus and visit the native breed of buffalos!
Farm tour in the vicinity of Szob

After the excitement of the tournament and passing the 2nd day morning sessions we hopped on the bus to travel to Szob, a town 70 km to the north from Budapest. Here partners, stakeholders and NEETs visited two local farm sites both unique in their own ways. First, we were greeted by Dr. István Fehér, the professor of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences and his colleagues who introduced the microregion and explained the local traditions of fruit and vegetable production before escorting us to the farms.

First stop@ a modern, family-owned apple orchard

We were amazed to learn that this adventure is started out as a retirement hobby a few years ago, but by now surely transformed into a business and passion that keeps the whole family busy. Ipoly 2000 Fruct Kft produces several cultivars on ~12 acres including Golden Delicious, Jonagold etc. The 90% of eating apple is sold on the site and they also have storing, and processing facilities. There are many traces of advance technology on the farm. While early spring frost damages (also sun damage) cause a big headache to farmers here the trees and fruits are well protected by hail and ice nets.

Thank you for having us and offering to taste the apple and sea buckthorn juice a speciality of the farm!

Next stop@ Malomkert ecoturims center and ecological farm

The farm keeps indigenous breed of buffalo livestock and grey cattle a real national symbol of Hungary. Unfortunately, they ran away from us and hid on a far pasture on the ~7 acres of land. Malomkert produces a special selection of buffalo meat and dairy products for example cured ham, salami, sausages, mozzarella, blue cheese, ricotta etc. For fruit and veggie products they use own produce. Besides selling on Saturdays at Nagymaros Farmers’ Market they host guests and cater events such as weddings at the popular tourist centre. After having lunch at Malomkert and tasted specialities with homemade brad we can full heartedly declare that everything they make taste just superb. How one can tell if it is true? If you believe the Irish proverb “Laughter is brightest (or say loudest) where food is best.” well…we left no questions open.


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