What we delivered, what is missing – Youth Employment PartnerSHIP project status meeting in Bilbao

Credits: Youth Employment PartnerSHIP

Although the remote collaboration during the pandemic was a great challenge, we managed to continue with the research and deliver the outcomes as planned. Nevertheless, all partners were really excited about the first in-person event after nearly two years since the launch of the project. The meeting in Bilbao was organised by one of the project partners, FEDEA, and took place on October, 7-8th.

Credits: Youth Employment PartnerSHIP

At the beginning of the meeting, Iga Magda discussed the project status. After the coffee break, all partners presented the results of the experiments intended to assess the effectiveness of PES support offered to NEETs. We also discussed our ideas for the final conference and decided that it will take place in June 2022. Apart from that, we shared our thoughts regarding the plausibility of extending the project. It’s tough to overestimate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth unemployment and still more research is needed. The extension of the Youth Employment PartnerSHIP project may add great value to understanding the ongoing processes and help to find the most effective tools of the support offered by the public employment services.


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