Young Apprentices and Their First Job in Civil Society Organizations

Credits: Social Innovators

More than 250 young people from Croatia, Bulgaria, and Slovenia took part in the Apprenticeship program in their countries and some of them are already successfully employed in the NGO sector.

In Slovenia, more than 40 CSOs from all over the country, who took part in a campaign named “Nurturing the world can be a job too”, enabled young people to gain a unique opportunity to participate in the CSO sector. A total of 49 young Slovenes completed their on-the-job training. A quarter of the participants were successfully employed afterward. At the national level, 16 young people took part in the competition, in which a three-member independent expert commission selected the best on-the-job training. Funds for one-year employment were received by Gajbla, an organization in the field of culture and their apprentice has been working there ever since. An analysis of questionnaires completed by young people before and after their on-the-job training is also underway. These will be the basis for the preparation of the final document with recommendations which will also become an advocacy document.

In Croatia, 91 young people got a chance to gain experience in CSOs, and 56 of them already finished their apprenticeships in more than 49 civil society organizations throughout Croatia. Before summer, a contest was organized for one young person who got a chance to work in a CSO called IKS, based in Petrinja, a city that was heavily affected by the earthquake that happened at the end of 2020. More than 20 young people participated in the contest, and the person who was chosen also finished the apprenticeship program in civil society organizations.

In Bulgaria, by the end of August 2021, 116 young Bulgarians completed their training practices in hosting CSOs from all over the country. Causes&Undertakings Community, one of the hosting organizations, shared with great excitement that they presented everything they know about the world of civil society organizations to the two young people they hosted within this program. They have successfully completed their training practices as “Associate Educational Initiatives” in project.

Credits: Social Innovators

Civil Society Organizations Festival in Bulgaria

In August 2021, the Social Innovators team from Bulgaria was part of the CSO Festival that brought together creative activities, workshops, dances, songs, and games related to civic rights and freedom of speech.

Credits: Social Innovators

They were part of a festive atmosphere and environment of brave and empathetic people who value their freedom, help civic causes, and believe that rights are a value, not a condition. The festival was a place where anyone who has the inner flame and curiosity to be part of an active civil society is able to find friends and supporters.

Credits: Social Innovators

What we are looking forward to…

  • An international conference that will illuminate civil society organizations as pioneers and generators of social innovation will be organized this year in Slovenia, as well as a hackathon
  • The second iteration of the Social Innovation Practitioner education program which started in Croatia on the 28th of September and pilots of the same program being launched in Bulgaria and Slovenia

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