International start-up competition – the final round!

Credits: eNEET Rural

The two days International conference of eNEET Rural project held in Budapest, Hungary on 20.09.2021-21.09.2021 brought together NEETs and stakeholders from Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Romania and Slovakia.

After the unforeseen postponements due to the pandemic, we finally gathered to decide who will win the title of the most promising young entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is a force of economy and social development but also a weapon to empower youth. In frame of the eNEET project we invited young minds with passion for launching own businesses to take part in the start-up contest. Through our mentoring scheme we offered support for example on skill development, agro-business specialities, technicalities of setting up a business and business plan development, just to name a few areas.

In the national level contest over 50 unemployed young people participated in Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy Romania, Slovenia and Spain. In total 40 business plans were developed by interested NEETs. In the first round the 3 best star-up idea proposers were selected in each country, to whom customised mentoring was offered on financial planning, pitching and domain specific questions.

At long last the 18 young and ambitious future entrepreneurs delivered their pitches on agro-business ideas in front of the international jury. The audience were delighted to see many impressive presentations with catching activities and business ideas addressing agricultural opportunities and innovative technologies. After the votes and unanimous decision, the Jury selected the three best business plans with ecologic, trendy concepts and promising market potentials.You can watch the contest on YOUTUBE:

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:

We were happy to announce the winners!

 1st place winner: Yumento (Slovenia)

Yumento is a healthy, hypoallergenic dog food, that combines insect protein with plant-based ingredients in a sustainable way. Yumento aims to provides a cost-effective alternative to reduce dog allergies and negative health effects commonly triggered by meat, fish and soy protein as well as the excessive use of antibiotics, salt and additives.

2nd place winner: UrbanFarmer (Bulgaria)

The goal of the start-up is to create an innovative modular system (lego based) that will enable people living in cities to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, etc. on their private terraces.

3rd place winners: Life Village Holistic Farm (Hungary)

Life Village Holistic Farm is the combination of a visiting centre hosting various size gatherings and a bio production site. The unique holistic agriculture approach aims to bring production and processing in harmony with nature.


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