StayOn: First knowledge transfer workshop in Slovenia

In the fifth month of the StayOn project, Slovenia hosted the first knowledge transfer workshop which took place from 3rd to 4th March in the beautiful surroundings of Ribno, Bled. The workshop was designed to offer coaches in the program, as well as project partners, the best possible support to implement activities that will assist youth in developing skills and staying in charge of their future. The workshop brought together partners from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Poland.

The focus of the workshop was on theory and practice of coaching in the framework of the StayOn project, connecting around common purpose and finding new ways to collaborate. The participants discussed the coaching manual for StayOn coaches prepared by BB Consulting, the process of coaching, shared experience and possible issues with the coaching, and together prepared for a good start of the implementation phase. Project workshops with project partners meeting in person are important for creating stronger partnership connections, better information flow and quick reactions on project issues. The workshop in Slovenia proved to be a good opportunity to share knowledge among the project partners and created a good foundation for the knowledge transfer activities to come.

BB Consulting team


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