Target groups:

  • Young adults (20-29), including unemployed women and NEETs from small towns, suburbs or a rural area and long-term unemployed
  • SMEs

Project Partners:

CountryProject Partner status (Lead/Beneficiary/Expertise)InstitutionType of InstitutionCity
LatviaLeadSIA Visas IespejasPrivateOgre
CyprusBeneficiaryOne Terrene InternationalNGONicosia
BulgariaBeneficiaryNew Sustainable GenerationNGOBlagoevgrad
CroatiaBeneficiaryLocal development agency PinsPublicSkrad
FinlandExpertiseOlemisen Balanssia ryNGORaisio 
NorwayExpertiseParticipation AgencyNGOBarkåker
IcelandExpertiseKeilir - AcademyPrivateReykjanesbær

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