A healthy environment for all

In general, young people today are more committed to social and environmental causes. Young people know that there is no Planet B, and that our actions and respect for the environment matter and add up: our survival, and that of the rest of the species that inhabit the Earth, depend on it. Fortunately, many of us are already aware of the need to curb climate change, and we demand that our institutions and public representatives implement policies for the development, protection and recovery of our environment.

On the other hand, in order to achieve a healthy environment for everyone that lasts over time, it is also essential that the greatest possible number of citizens are aware of existing social problems, thereby increasing our capacity for commitment and action with regard to this social cause. To this end, the institutions, in their function of defending and seeking the common good, must provide the means and implement the appropriate actions to promote this knowledge, responsibility and social commitment of all to the environment.

For its part, Casarrubuelos Town hall, as a public institution representing a small semi-rural municipality in the south of Madrid (Spain) highly committed to its rural origins and to the health of our environment and respect for our surroundings, tries to implement as many measures and actions as possible in favour of these environmental objectives.

Some key examples of these public actions implemented are: periodic educational campaigns carried out in the municipality’s training centres and in neighbourhood citizens’ associations. Tax reductions to residents for their active participation in recycling programmes. Search for subsidies and grants for the free implementation of organic waste recycling systems at home. Etc.

Moreover, and thanks to the European RAISE Youth Project, financed by the EEA and Norway Grants and implemented in Casarrubuelos by the Casarrubuelos Town Hall, the First Vermiculture DEMO Center in Europe has been established in Casarrubuelos: a collaborative green center of circular economy, with a surface of 2450m2 to promote experimentation and dissemination of innovative agro-environmental activities.

At the DEMO Center of Casarrubuelos, a large part of the organic waste from the municipality of Casarrubuelos is recycled through composting and vermicomposting, being transformed into worm humus which is currently the best organic fertilizer. This:

  • eliminates the problem of accumulation and the correct treatment of this wasteat source, all through a sustainable and ecological process that has a zero carbon footprint, as the waste does not have to be taken elsewhere for treatment.
  • In addition, this waste is given a second life as organic fertiliser(worm humus), that is used to free-fertilise the municipal green spaces and to distributethe surplus among the community involved with the Casarrubuelos DEMO Centre.

Besides, in order to preserve our environment, in the Vermiculture DEMO Center of Casarrubuelos free training programmes on Circular Economy, composting, vermicomposting, urban gardens, and gardening in general are carried out to increase the knowledge and respect for the environment by young people and members of the community.

Also, our collaborative urban gardens are a perfect example of spaces worked by the community in a collaborative, ecological and sustainable way, increasing the knowledge of the needs, time and processes required for the fields to be fertile and healthy, and their positive impact on the environmental balance. The participating neighbours share experiences, knowledge and resources. They receive support and follow-up from raise youth professionals in Casarrubuelos. Thanks to this, the available gardens are correctly and ecologically cultivated with varied and high quality seasonal vegetables, which are also exchanged among the community, encouraging the consumption of local products, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Another of the measures in favour of our environment implemented by the Vermiculture DEMO Center of Casarrubuelos is the advice on the sustainable treatment of urban and domestic organic waste to other town councils and environmental associations.