LEAD project, promoted by HAO in the academic community

On the 11th of April, a group of first-year students of the “Ovidius” University (Constanţa), Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (Special Psychopedagogy specialization), coordinated by Ph.D. Damian Totolan, visitedthe headquarters of the Services Center for Supported Employment from Constanța.

The socio-professional integration of young adults with disabilities through the Supported Employment process implemented by HAO within the LEAD project was the main topic of the meeting. Our colleagues also shared examples of good practices and they discussed the internship and volunteering opportunities offered by HAO Romania to psychopedagogy students.

A day later, our colleague, Olivia Grigore, had a working meeting, at the Ovidius University, with another group of students from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, (Special Psychopedagogy specialization). The third-year students had the opportunity to find out useful information regarding: the LEAD project, the Supported Employment process, and about how our team works with the young adults with disabilities, especially those with retardation and autism spectrum disorders. At the same time, Olivia talked with them about the possibility of volunteering in a non-governmental organisation as HAO, and shared information on how they can get involved in the mentioned project.


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