‘NEET’ the documentary film: Official Premiere

After its exclusive preview, the time for the Official Premiere has arrived! The documentary film ‘NEET’, an output of the YOUTHShare project premiered on Saturday November 5th, the last day of the 2-days event in Rhodes, Greece.

After two days of thought-provoking interaction during the social intervention and the research leg of the event, the audience, including academics, researchers, social workers, local authorities and other interested attendees, had the opportunity to unwind and watch for the first time the documentary film ‘NEET’.

Concluded at the end of August and already presented in exclusive preview during the 12th annual conference of IIPPE in Bologna on September 8th, the film made its official and open to the public premiere.

56 minutes of interviews with beneficiary NEETs and employers, unravel their fears, hopes and aspirations from the labour market in coastal and insular regions of Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Spain.

Finding a job is only the tip of the iceberg. The interviews reveal, that, in reality, the psycho-social support and personal empowerment is the fundamental and necessary step towards their re-activation in the labour market.

Through the lens of Tom Mamakos, the personal stories of selected beneficiaries are followed before, during and after their involvement with the project, and corroborated through the interviews of the responsible Key Account Managers and the respective employers.

The film that closed both the 2-days event and symbolically the first period of YOUTHShare, was enthusiastically met by the audience.


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