Spain youth ambassador – Maria Prats


The entrepreneur Maria Prats was born in Barcelona on January 26, 2000.  

She suffers from a disease caused by trauma at birth, which makes it difficult for her to maintain the speed of his daily life. Despite her conditions, she is a young girl who defines herself as optimistic person, who’s always happy and in a good mood. 

She is convinced that despite having functional diversity, she was able to overcome her obstacles and challenges to achieve her dreams, and she has done so. 

Maria is a painter and designer, she loves art, cinema, and music. 

With painting and design, he has decided to create his project with the aim of turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. 

Her wish is that the combination of her painting can inspire everyone in the world, because as she says, “A world with colors is a better world”. 


Maria’s project, called Colors Disseny (Colour Design), is a design studio somewhat different from the usual, her designs are very original and colourful. 

Maria makes commissions designs for all kinds od companies, as well as carrying out solidarity projects with other companies in the region. 

In addition, with all the design and products that she creates, she has set up an e-commerce in which she offers anyone the opportunity of buying one of her products. 

This project allows Maria to have a job opportunity doing what she likes de most, painting and thus bring her the autonomy to grow as a woman and businesswoman.

The project:


Maria, arrived at Autoocupacio Foundation in 2020 during the Covid-19, after having a total and very strict lockdown due to her physical condition. 

We met her together with her mother Chus Rosich, whom they carry out the project together.  

Being a project that was already in operation, they came to us to improve the situation of the Ecommerce where they needed to give a new vision to improve the sales after the Covid crisis. 

The best program that we had in Autoocupació was the Mentoring Program of EEA Grants for young people between 16 and 29 years old. Mentoring program is a volunteer program to help consolidate and grow business of those young entrepreneurs. Mentors offer their experience to jointly analyze business challenges and find the best solutions, through active listening and open questions, helping in personal and professional development. 

Maria as participated twice in Mentoring Program. Initially had a mentor with Ecommerce and digital marketing experience. And during the second time had a mentor specialized in business management in economy and finance, planning and strategy areas.  

TPM-RYE Project


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