Skills and competences: a window to youth employment

Once upon a time,there was a young woman aged 28. Every day, from her bedroom window, she looked outside: people were walking fast, it seemed they had a place they wanted to get to. Cars passedandhonked, children ran. This young woman thought: what will all these people have to do? Work? But what do they work on? How did they do it? What did they study?

Before the StayOn project appeared, I felt frustrated and with little motivation, but since I began to participate I have been very happy and encouragedI have gradually become a more confident and motivated person to fight for my futureand my life. StayOn has undoubtedly had an impact on my life. It made me grow and understand better that teamwork works best!”. The young woman at the window was Sara. Today, Sara is out on the street, being looked at by someone. From a window.

If in 2022 we celebrated the Year of Youth Employment where, through the StayOn Project, young people had the opportunity to improve their job search techniques, their Curriculum Vitae and, in general, adopt a more positive attitude towards the labour market, in 2023 we are committed to strengthening their skills and potential. Having the relevant skills empowers people to successfully embrace market changes and to fully engage in Society and democracy. Saying socan also mean that Skills and Competences are the window of opportunity and the path open to success for younger people in the job market. Stay-ons ultimate objective is to create conditions that enable young people to stay on’ rural land by ensuring their access to opportunities, benefits, services and jobs. The project aims at fostering youth empowerment by providing adequate skills for the rural labor market, such as digital skills, abilities to manage environmental impacts, and personal development.

For now, we tell you another story, about Ângela, who also accepted to be a character in this article. Angela knew she had difficulties”, sometimes she felt a little lost. With her participation in the project, she quickly realized that what she lacked was a push!” to increase myself-confidence in order to overcome mydifficulties.And so it was. From 2022 Angela bringswith her assertiveness” and knowing how to look for a job in a more active and prepared way” and also has her CV complete and updated.

We are certain that 2023 will be a great year for all the young people who have decided to open their window to the project. Keep the windows open and let the Skills and Competences come in!

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