YES! Project upcoming events

The Project YES! is organising interesting webinars in the following months, starting from the 28th of February. The goal is to engage stakeholders to learn and exchange knowledge about the various approaches adopted by the different Projects financed within our Family: we believe it will be a great occasion to be part of those initiatives!

The message from YES!:

A new webinar series for training practitioners, coaches and mentors who are working with NEETS and want to explore innovative tools and techniques to support them.

Each webinar will be accompanied by a 20-minute learning burst which will provide you with the content and directions you need to deliver them yourself. The webinars will serve as an introduction to the content and a space for participants to ask questions, share their thoughts and experiences.

All webinars will be held on Zoom and in English.

We are then sharing their agenda: (by clicking the link you can signup)

  • What is innovation? – 28th February
  • Ethics, power dynamics and managing multiple agendas in coaching and mentoring – 14th March
  • Applying Innovation to Business Ideas – 21st March
  • The quality of the relationship and building external resources – 4th April
  • Getting to Know Yourself – 11th April
  • Issues of diversity, gender and belonging in coaching and mentoring – 25th April
  • Improving your Negotiation Skills – 2nd May
  • Working with goals, goal orientation and their dark side – 16th May



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