YENESIS 2.0: 5-day Training Week

During the past few months, the project partners of YENESIS organised and implemented a series of 5-day training workshops in each beneficiary country, on the thematic areas of Climate Adaptation, Circular Economy, Sustainable Food Systems, Water Management, and Soft Skills! 135 young people benefited from the free training week, bringing them one step closer to a green, sustainable job!

One of the main goals of YENESIS 2.0 isto reach more NEETs, impact stakeholders that are peripheral to the main target group, as well as expand the material and research of YENESIS 1, in order to meet the new needs of young professionals in islands.

For this reason, the YENESIS partners worked on enriching the already developed material with 4 new thematic areas (climate adaptation, circular economy, sustainable water management, sustainable food systems)that were delivered to the project participants through physical training in their home countries. In addition to the 4 new thematic areas the trainings included asoft skills module delivered by the expertise partner. The new thematic areas will be added on the e-course website by mid-August for anyone to access.


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